'Valentine's Event Details, Free Tasting Every Sunday, Iza back from the Gulf.'

Good Afternoon       1/13/17


    How was your week?  I found myself a little anxious on Tuesday, Jon, Anna, and Iza were flying home from a 5 day vacation to Fort Myers Florida.  I am not afraid to fly, I just fear they may crash.  Iza got back to school and her first full day home she came over to visit.  Lately Iza and I have been playing a lot of double solitary, see if I can beat a 9 yr. old granddaughter.  We both play to win, so when she beats me she know she really won. (And she does beat me.)  At this visit Iza and grandma played together against me, four hands to two.  We played hard and fast and they won. (But I didn't cry.  I smiled and accused them of not playing fair.  It make her victory feel even better.)  Below Anna and Iza on the beach.


     Yesterday Jon was racking some wine, racking is pumping the wine out of a tank and leaving the solid sediment behind.  Then clean the solids out of the tank and then pump the wine back.  Three rackings are typical for one production cycle of a wine.  While waiting we did some decorating and working on the planning for some bigger decorating projects for the winery. I was sure to tell Jon to don't fall, especially on top of me.  When it is your winery, you get to do every job.