Schnickelfritz is Back!

Good Afternoon:            12/08/16

              I have some good news, the wine "Schnickelfritz" is back on our shelves.  

Meaning rascal or trouble maker, as a non-traditional white wine it lives up to its name. Made with Brianna, this is a semi-sweet foxy white wine with a slight tart finish, light bodied no oak. Enjoy chilled and around your favorite trouble makers!

   When you were little, you too might have been a Schnickelfritz.  Enjoy!!


     Last week the trivia question,

"What famous alien movie character do I now see formed from the snowman?"  

      And the answer is "ET".  This question brought in a near record of answers and all were correct.  I even got answers with "Phone Home"!  The question also came up, "Why doesn't the snowman ET have arms?  Answer:  That glowing finger melted them off.

And the winner of free bottle of wine is  Bill Murphy.  Congratulations.