02/26/15 newsletter

02/26/15 3:00 pm

Good Afternoon: How are you today? I guess I'm OK, feel that for being retired it was kind of a busy week, better than being bored and waiting to die. I worked this morning at the winery. Opened for our electrician to do some updating in our pavilion. We are adding secondary lighting, I call it mood lighting, adding more electrical outlets, insulating the ceiling, and putting in a propane heating unit. In essence we are extending the usage of this building to include earlier spring and later into the fall, like a three season porch. I am intending to have our Mothers Day again in the pavilion, this will be good if the weather is bad.

Do you have a smart phone? I have a flip phone, many consider this a dumb phone, but then it maybe isn't that dumb. This morning I was calling with my flip phone to order a propane tank for heating the pavilion. The lady asked who and where the billing should go to? Being that Jon's wife Anna now pays the bills she needed mailing address and phone number. I looked up Anna's number in my phone, with all the speed dialing we don't even know each others phone number these day.

Some how after I gave her Anna's phone number I must have pushed the wrong button on my phone, big fingers & little buttons, and it dialed Anna's number. Not seeing this I was rather surprised to hear Anna's voice, she is currently in Hungary visiting her family. I grew up in a home where it was a big no no to call long distance, I guess this is still in my psyche. I didn't know this dumb phone could call across the planet. Not knowing what to say, I asked her, "How are you?" In her Hungarian accent she replied, "Goood." I replied, "Yeah you sound good." I should have talked with her a minute or two, I feel badly now that I just said a quick goodbye. Next week Anna comes home, I'll have to talk more with her then.


Minnesota Crisp

This week we did another bottling of our hard apple cider, Minnesota Crisp. It comes in a 22 ounce bottle, being that it is slightly carbonated the filled bottles must be lighter that wine, it has been flying off the shelves. We filled about 150 cases and much will go to wholesale quickly. If you'd to share in this batch, come in Saturday. I have marked the locations where it is sold in our wholesale network with an apple leave next to the liquor store name. http://millnerheritage.com/wines/local-wine-stores/


And the answer to last week's trivia...

It is time for the answer to last week's trivia. The question was, " Without googling finish the sentence, Viniculture is the study of ........." The answer is, growing grapes for wine making. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/viniculture

Viticulture is the general term for growing grapes. Viniculture is the growing of grapes specifically for making wine.

And the winner is Sherri Smith with "Viniculture is the study of .........growing grapes specifically for making wine."

Thank you for your time.

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