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4/03/15 11:00 pm

Good Morning: Before anything else, Happy Easter. I know today is Good Friday, but you may-not read this until Sunday. This is the first year we will be open on Easter Sunday, when you are done hunting eggs, come hunt for some wine. After 6 pm we will celebrate Easter.

Last week's news was the wine Little Iza is back on our shelves, this week we have MN Crisp, our hard apple cider, back on our shelves also. This is in the 22 ounce bombers, I believe this is the last cider bottling for this year. It goes fast, if you'd like to buy some do it now. For us it has been interesting to see how fast the cider has sold. Jon has been receiving calls from beer wholesalers wanting to include MN Crisp in their inventory. We are in the process of ordering three more 1,600 gallon tanks for next year, this should help very much to increase the quantity of MN Crisp. Below are to piece of art submitted by Shawn and Heather Orton from one of their sons. The first is Little Iza and the second is MN Crisp. I like them, the originals will be posted at the winery today.


This week I have been working the vineyard quite regularly. We have just 5 rows of Marquette grapes left to prune. This grape has been more work than the others to prune this year because of damage they received two winters ago, the cold winter. What happened according to John Thull, from the U.of M., the extreme cold and wind dehydrated the trunks and cordons of the plants that now this thick woody part of many of the Marquette grapes are cracking. All we can do is to cut off this big wood and grow new from the ground level. I guess this too is called "Farming" and a part of our life. ____________________________________________________

Mother's Day is May 10th, below is our flyer. __________________________________________________

1. Note: Easter Sunday April 5th, we will be open at the winery until 6 PM. Our family get-together will be that evening. Iza will have to hunt for eggs by sunset lighting.

2. We are now back to our Thursday to Sunday store hours.

3. If you'd like to be part of a bottling crew, email me at donmillner@gmail.com with the subject line "I love a good bottling party." Try it, You'll Like it! Very important, please be sure to include your best phone number with this message. Thank you _______________________________________________________

Time for Trivia and Free wine.

It is time for a new trivia contest. About 3 wks ago Mary, Iza, and our youngest son Scott did an afternoon painting with acrylic paints. Below are all three painting they did together. To win a free bottle of wine, attach the correct name to each painting. The painting are labeled A, B, & C for your reference. Painting A Painting B Painting C Send your answers of matching A,B, and C with Mary, Iza, and Scott to donmillner@gmail.com with the subject line "No Way Monet". (The letter t on Monet is silent.) To read more on Monet the artist, click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Monet

Thank you for your time.

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