7/2/15 Free Wine on the 4th, Iza in the Tub, Anni./Ethinic Fest. 2 wks. away

April 1st through December 31st Open:
Thursday 11 - 7
Fri. & Sat. 11 - 8
Sunday 11 - 6

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Millner Heritage Winery
32025 MN Hwy 15
Kimball, MN 55353

Good Afternoon:

     The 4th of July will be her really fast, I didn't realize it until last Sunday.  Don't miss our Free wine tasting on Saturday.  It is a free wine tasting of five, any five , of our table wines, we're also pouring our    MN Crisp Hard Apple Cider free.  O f course you can for $6 additional taste all 16 labels of wine including the specialties.  This is probably what I'd do.
      In the vineyard the crew are already doing some hedging of the grapes.  This iswhere you cut off excess canopy so it doesn't shade the grapes.  Also leaf thinning will begin soon, this is where you work 8 hours per day just tearing of leaves around the fruit area.  The idea is to allow sunlight to shine onto the grapes to better form the flavor compounds and sugars.  Large vineyards do this with a machine, we have only the human machine.
     I didn't get too much work done yesterday, Iza our 8 yr. old  granddaughter came tovisit.  We went to the park behind our house twice, a lot of swinging and some tree golf, also a lot of swinging.  What is tree golf?  We pick a tree and the first one to hit it wins.  You can hit it high or low, both are good.  Iza uses a putter, often smacking the ball very good.  On our second trip to the park a red fox came trotting across the mid grassy area.  I thought it nice for Iza to see it also.
     After a hard day of playing, Iza wanted to take a bath.  Of course she wants to use the upstairs tub that has the power jets.  After she should have been done already I checked on her and found a real bubble bath.  She said she, "Only put in three squirts of soap!"

Grandma said she really smelled squeaky clean.

Don't miss our 4th of July!!!

Our Free Live music at Millner Heritage!

Our live music this
Saturday and Sunday
July 4th and 5th
Playing 2 - 5
Will be Duke Zecco and his 12 sting guitar.
Click on the photo for the sound!

Click on Photo for Details
      Don't forget on July 11th, Jon will be in the St. Louis Park area at the Summer Wine Festival & Market.  He will be doing wine tasting and can also sell wine by the bottle and glass.  For this event I believe he can sell up to six bottles per person. There will be over 30 wineries and food vendors present. For more info click on the picture below.
Ethnic Festival
July   18th & 19th
Come help us celebrate the last six years with a party!
Free Entertainment, Free Wine-Tasting, and food by Larson Catering.
Saturday the 18th:
-The Videki Hungarians Dancers (In totally new Costumes),
-Charlie Roth and the Shamrocks
plus the St. Paul Irish Dancers 

Sunday the 19th:
The S.G. Edelweiss Bavarian Dancers  The Singing Slovenes

Hours: Saturday 11 - 8
Sunday 11 - 6
Millner Heritage Winery
32025 MN Hwy 15, Kimball 55353
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