Let there be light!


Translation is 'greetings' in Hungarian, (I've been teaching myself Hungarian via Google translate, I hope Google doesn't let me down and embarrass me). #inGoogleWeTrust ((just thought I would throw in a trendy hashtag to be hip)).

And on the 8th year of Business the Millners said
"Let there be light!"

Behold the new lamp posts! The parking lot is now a lot less scary at night to those afraid of the dark :)

Jon made international news!

Jon and his Hungarian dance groupies made the news in Hungary! There is about 3:30min covering the MN Hungarians dancing during the Carpathian Celebration at the Landmark Center: 

Feb 14th V-Day Celebration

Call 218-329-9356 to reserve your spot today!

Free Bottle Bingo, Valentine Games, Live Music and of course Fabulous Wine!
Priced at $23 plus tax/person, secured reservations required.

Live music 12pm-3pm!!!!!!!! ((If you don't have a date, I (Andrea) will dance with you))

Live music 12pm-3pm!!!!!!!! ((If you don't have a date, I (Andrea) will dance with you))

The Menu: Charcoal Grilled Pork Loin with BBQ Sauce, Chicken Kiev, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Glazed Baby Carrots, Green Salad with French & Ranch Dressing, Dinner Rolls & Coffee.

Each ticket receives a glass of Millner Heritage wine.
Seating & Social starting at 11:30am with Serving Time
promptly at 12:30pm.

If you haven't called in your reservation simply because you're stuck wondering how to ask your date, I listed a few different exotic ways below on how to ask them:

Love is in the Air V-day Celebration
(according to Google Translate)

Leszel időpontban a borászat Valentin nap esemény? - Hungarian
Lassen Sie uns eine Sechs der Weinkellerei Valentinstag Veranstaltung? - German
Пойдем со мной, чтобы день мероприятия Millner святого Валентина! - Russian

Don't forget that SUNDAY is FUNDAY! Free 5 wine tasting!

January through March we will now be open
Saturday 11 - 7 pm and Sunday 11 - 6 pm.


We will be at the following stores on the following dates tasting out our wines and ciders:

MGM, St. Paul : 1/29 5pm-7pm
Molly's Wine & Spirits, Rockford : 2/5 4pm-7pm
McDonalds Liquor, Minneapolis : 2/19 4pm-7pm

Come say HI! and maybe we can converse in Hungarian using Google Translate!

Updates in Don's World!

Don and Mary have safely landed back in the Motherland. He brought back gold mines of souvenirs including a tooth from the dinosaur he did dental work on. A few of the horses he road in the calvary took a liking to his songs about wine and followed him home. However, once the horses reached the blistering cold of the Motherland, they decided they could just listen to Don's songs on youtube while remaining in the delightful Texas sun.

Stay posted each week for updates from Don in this section of the newsletter!

Andrea the Wine Student

In this section of the newsletter I will now start to share a little bit more about my journey as a wine student! 

My dad sent me a pic last week that our new wine press came in the mail! It's a fraction of the size of the commercial press at the winery—but it will get the job done! This past summer we harvested fruit from our mini orchard in Osakis, MN. We will be making wine out of apricots, cherries, and the aronia berry.

Have an even more beaütiful day than yesterday!