Iza in the Snow, Black Friday best deals, & Christmas Thank You Dec. 10th.

Good Morning:             11/19/16 



      Yes we all know that winter seems to have appeared.  As many of you in preparation, I spent most this week like a squirrel gathering the last acorns before the storm. We completed the landscape type work for the new building including digging in the culvert and drain tile, plastic and sewer stone in all the drain areas and placing paver stones to edge it out. Plus brought in 4 loads of recycled concrete for the newly built service road area.  It was long day, but you have to make hay while the sun shines, it was really good weather to do these jobs.  Thank God my body held out.

     This week Jon and Anna were gone to Colorado celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  Iza was with us the whole week.  We played a lot of cards, crazy 8's.  Last night waiting for Jon and Anna to arrive home, we played 16 games and came to an 8 to 8 tie on game wins.  Also, last night with the new snow, Iza was outside playing in the snow for 2 1/2 hours.  She like to make snow caves and tunnels as all kids.  Below are some photos, shot just with my phone, did OK for shooting in the dark.


Thank you for your time.

Don Millner and Family