Millner Heritage Winery

     Good Morning:         7:15 am, July 15, 2016

     I just was watching the morning news, it is really sad what happened in France. Our prayers are with the French people.  Two years ago we had a Frenchman working at the winery, this makes it feel a little more personal.

     Tomorrow is the Hog Roast day we have been talking and writing about for quite some time.  If you are a last minute person, I do have a few spots open that I can still take some reservations.  Call immediately to 320-237-1958 my cell. Tonight Ben, the roaster guy, will be at the winery all night.  I told him I might come down if I can't sleep.  He said that after mid-night even the mosquito go to bed.  

!!!!Don't miss our 4-piece Total Country band playing Saturday noon to 4 pm and as a two piece on Sunday 2 - 5 pm.!!!!

     I had a walk with Jon through the vineyard on Tuesday, we were inspecting the grapes.  Yes, as I have said a thousand time, grape growing is farming.  In-spite of damage from the late spring frost, the grapes of flourishing but with some problems.  Due to all the rain some berries are being lost to a fungus called Black Rot.  We have sprayed for it, yet damage will occur.  Also we found some hail damage on the berries. The berries hit by the hail are split open and will be lost, worst it also makes an entry point for more fungal growth.  On the positive side, we are lucky we weren't hit with the tornado that slammed into Watkins, only 11 miles away.  

     Last Friday and Saturday I went to the Millner Reunion at Pierz, MN.  We do this every 3 years, it was a very good visit for all.  In my dad's family they had nine siblings, so we grew up having many cousins.  At age 64 I am part of the younger cousins, so time does march on.  Aunt Marceline Millner is the last survivor of my dad's siblings.  It was really nice to see she make it to the reunion, she turned 98 last spring.  Her mind and spirit are still of a younger person.

     Late yesterday Chrissy from WJON radio stopped in to do a video interview.  Being radio station, they will use the sound track on air and the sound and video goes onto their website.  It was fun for us, doing more than just an interview, Jon did some of his tour skits and of course I instigated a few of the winery songs. 

     Time to get working on my next job for today.  Thank you for reading and being a part of our lives.

Don Millner and Family