Remembering the Governor, Last Harvest this Sunday, Music Sat & Sunday, Grape Stomp in 1 Week

     Good Morning:

     I just saw a photo on my Face Book account mentioning that it has been 3 years since Little Iza the wine won the Governors cup.  Little Iza  our granddaughter has also grow up quite a lot in the last 3 years.  Shortly after we won the cup I was giving Iza a ride home, she turned to me and said, "You know Papo, there are a lot of people that like my wine."  This also reminds me of the story of Jon took the Governor's Cup with him on Wholesale route and unloading at home, the cup gone, and question of what to do.  Later he found the cup on the shelf in Iza's bedroom.  She had carried it up there, well it did have her name on it.  Well, happy Anniversary Little Iza the wine, still good as ever. Click below for large images.

 Harvest is still on for this Sunday

     This is a note to all registered to harvest this Sunday, Sept 25th.  We know that we have probable rain coming Saturday night, in spite of this we are going to proceed with the harvest on Sunday.  Plan for the grass to be very wet, you might want to wear waterproof footwear.  Larson Catering is doing our meal, so you'll have a hot meal at the end. 

Live Music this Sat and Sunday.

     Our music this weekend Sept. 24th & 25th is Prairiegrass Band.  Playing Minnesota Bluegrass they are always an upbeat band.

The Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp is just 1 week away.

     Our Oct. 1 & 2nd gape stomp will be here fast.  With all this rain now, the forecasts I have found are showing good weather.  Again don't miss the food this year, Sweet William's Food will be making Flat Top Burgers with lots of onions, Chicken Sandwiches, Deluxe Nachos, Brats, and additional sides.  Try it, you'll like it.  His website is at

     Also remember that Ed & Rose Borman of Kimball are bringing their Prairie Percherons for rides through the vineyard.  Their horses are really big.

     Below is the flyer with all the activities.

     Lastly, your day wouldn't be complete without a visit by Sister Mary Clarice.  She still is a tough old nun.


     Thank you for your time.

Don Millner & Family