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01/08/15   7:30 am
Good Morning:
     First I want you to know that January through March we are open only Saturdays now and we are offering free mulled wine every Saturday.  Try it, you'll like it.  If you'd like to read more on mulled wine and recipes click below.
     You've all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one person's junk is another person's treasure.  Last weekend Mary and I had kind of one of those happenings.  We left about 10 am last Friday returning on the next day Saturday January 3rd Mary's birthday.  Arriving home Saturday about 9 pm, we'd visited one brewery, 3 wineries, and 3 shopping stops, it felt like we did very much in a little time.
     When we awoke on Saturday morning at the AmericInn near Stillwater, Mary told me she had the strangest thing happen after mid-night, the early hours of her birthday.  She got too warm in bed and pushed back the blankets and noticed an insect climbing on her hand.  Ooh, that doesn't sound good.  She looked at it in the dark and in a second knew that it was OK.  Hearing this when I awoke later I couldn't help but think wow, this was the ultimate best birthday candle.  "What was it she saw in the dark that was special to be in a hotel room in January in Minnesota?"
     This has to be a good chance to give away a bottle of wine.  Send your answers to donmillner@gmail.com with the subject  line, "The Ultimate Birthday Candle!" The winner will be drawn at random from both correct answers, OK from all the correct answers.
     Mark you calendars for February 14th Valentine's Day, this year it is on a Saturday, a wonderful day of the week for a party.  I will have info coming sometime soon.
     Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate New Year's Eve with us.  We were tired the next day with a good kind of tired.  The party went very well, including the bingo and balloon races.  Below are some photos we received from one of the guests.

The Little Iza Corner!
(Sometimes a place for words of Wisdom.)
     Jon's vision, which is very natural for most parents, to pass the family business on to the next generation is something I probably share.  I think that getting the kids involved as they grow up, child size portions and keeping it fun, is a good thing even if they don't later become involved in the business.  To learn responsibilities and accountability.
     For Christmas this year Mary and I gave Iza, our 7 yr. old granddaughter, a full sized Gumball machine.  Last night we filled it and it's placed on the bar, Little Iza Gumballs.  Being a kid her eyes glowed seeing all the mixed colors.  I told her that the first box of gumballs the winery bought, but after that she has to save the coins and buy the next load.  Earlier this week we noticed that she must be already developing business skills.
     Iza said to Jon, "The people in China must be really rich."  Jon asked, "Why is that?"  Iza replied, "Because they make everything!"
It's good to see she is reading and thinking.
Thank you for your time.
Don Millner 
Millner Heritage Winery
April 1st through December 31st Open:
Thursday  11 - 7
Fri. & Sat.  11 - 8
Sunday  11 - 6
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