4/18/15 newsletter

4/18/15 10:33 am Good Morning:

I guess this was a good news week for someone, how's that? We are now living in Dassel, we lived almost 35 yrs. in Paynesville. We still receive the local Paynesville newspaper and each week when it arrives I have two things I look for on my quick scan. First the front page, if anything really big happen in town and second, yes you guessed it, the obituaries. I know many of the people in this section from the dental practice, all nice people. Well this was a good week because no-one died, not bad.

In other news, Scott our youngest son is cooking this evening. He is planning to cook shrimp seasoned with cilantro, sweet basil, and rosemary with assorted seasonings. We may be playing some cards later. He made a pan of his recipe one evening a earlier this week and wanted to know if I wanted to taste it, turned our I ate every bit of half, thanks Scott.

Also Jon is leaving today for a quick vacation to Vegas, traveling with another guy. They are considering to tour the Grand Canyon and maybe death valley. He is over due for a vacation, but then it's hard to get away when you are the wine maker and vineyard manager. I told him many times before that he should have gone to dental school.


If you like Minnesota Crisp come to the winery now. The last of the 22 ounce bombers are in the bottle shop, I think they will sell out in the next couple of weeks, by the keg we have more inventory.

You can still sign-up as a bottling volunteer. It is always fun. Soon we should be hitting the bottling with vigor. This is the only job I know of where you can drink on the job.

To join us send your info to donmillner@gmail.com with the subject line "I love a good bottling party." Try it, You'll Like it!

Very important, please be sure to include your best phone number and also very helpful to include what days of the week you are available. Thank you _______________________________________________________

Yesterday we bottled our new label, "What the Foch." Made from the grape Marechal Foch.

I have to tell you that this is a slightly sweet, or also called an off-dry, wine with very much fruity flavor. (The fruitiness derived from a fermentation with a white wine yeast.)

Also, the name is eye catching intentionally for the wholesale, liquor store sales, where you are competing on the shelves with thousands of other names. So don't be offended by the name. The word foch is pronounce with an "O" sound. The official pronunciation click here.

Enjoy this wine, it is a very good flavor between dry and sweet.