4/23/15 newsletter

4/23/15 8:33 am Good Morning:

All is well here this week. Yesterday we had our oldest son Doug arrive home with his wife Angie and daughter Lisa, two year old. Last night we played with Lisa and Iza at Iza's house. I really had a problem getting the names mixed up with Lisa and Iza when talking.

Jon arrived home safely early Wednesday morning from Vegas. He sounded to me like everything out there is now expensive and home looked good upon his return. Yes, to me that is a vacation.


If you like Minnesota Crisp come to the winery now. We do have some of the 22 ounce bomber left, but leaving fast.

Speaking of MN Crisp, I received a nice email last night from an upcoming bride.

" Hello, I am curious...do you sell kegs of Minnesota Crisp? We are enjoying a glass of it right now in Faribault and fell in love. It is delicious! We would love to serve it to our guests at our wedding. Please let me know. Thank you so much!"

Letters like this keep me going when cleaning, repairing, and maintaining.


This morning I awoke with a thought in my head for a video, here it is. It is called the "Who You Mauma Rap." We are now up to 42 on our reservation list, call now. 320-237-1958 or email to donmillner@gmail.com include your best phone number, I'll return call for cc number. thank you, don.

Who You Mauma?