Free Live Music, Iza's Birthday, Mein Onkel wine back, Our sixth Anniversary.

5/16/15  7:30 am
Good Morning:
    Yesterday was special and today is also special.  Yesterday 5/15/15 was our sixth anniversary of opening Millner Heritage Winery and today is our granddaughter Iza's eighth birthday.   She has really grown in the last six years, her height is now almost to my collar bone, but then I am not very tall.  Back on her second birthday I got her a tiny toy John Deere Gator, we rolled it down a board to make it go across the room.  She has always liked riding in our gator, soon I am sure she will be pushing to drive the it.
    Thank you to everyone who came to our Mother's Day Event.  We did have some
rain but all still went very nice.
     Yesterday we bottled the 2014 vintage of Mein Onkel.  The consensus is that this is Jon's best vintage of this label.  It is still a semi-sweet, this vintage seems to have acquired a candy type flavor.  You'll have to try for yourself at a tasting.
      Yesterday was another mile stone, we finished tying the twine for this season.  After pruning all 5,000 vines then the process is to go back and re-tie the condons to the trellis wires.  It tends to be about ten ties per vine therefore 50,000 knots, we didn't count.  We almost used eight balls of twine, the same twine used for baling hay.  We use the thinner version giving us more length of material.  We had a good dedicated crew, including myself, so the job though tedious went very good.
     Last week I forgot to select a winner from the previous week's wine give away.  The deal was that if you listened to my radio interview with slide show, you could win a bottle of wine.

In the entries there were a number of very nice responses.  The following stuck out best to me.

"Love that you were a dentist for 35 years before opening the winery! It's never toolate to try a new adventure!Also like that you enjoy gin and tonics (my favorite drink!).

So--you thought you'd be like Ben Cartwright of the Ponderosa with yourboys doing the work of the vineyard, but it turns out your life is more like Hop Sing's! Yup--so it goes! : )

     And your granddaughter is 8! How great that her namesake wine, Little Isa wonthe Governor's Cup Award in 2013 for best wine in MN! Very impressive! I will have to try that one the next time we visit!Enjoyed the story of how your son and Hungarian daughter-in-law met.

Most of all I like how much you and your family enjoy what you do and have fun with it!

You're creating a great legacy!


 This person really listened to the entire interview and must have written notes, wow I was impressed.  Now for the winner drawn at random from all the responses is Carol Bungert.

Free Live music at Millner Heritage!
This week our performer is:
Verlyn's Kling "Four Wheel Drive 1 Man Band,
Playing Country music
Saturday and Sunday 2 - 5 pm