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Good Morning:    9:00 am
     Yes, I missed writing last week.  Mary and I were gone to the Apostle Islands sailing.  There were four of us, I was the second mate and Mary was the passenger.  Tom and Becky Pilger were Captain and first mate.  We anchored two night in the islands, beautiful sunsets and wonderful view of the northern light.  It was a good little vacation, getting back home felt good.
Mark your calendar, this will come fast!
  "The Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp!"
"The Hungarian Event is September 12th"
   Don't miss that this event in also includes Grape Stomping!
Hungarian Harvest Festival
Grape Stomp
Saturday September 12th,  11 am to 8 pm
- Hungarian Dancing and Music
-Grape Stomping
-Kids Activities
-Photo Area with Costumes
-Delicious Hungarian Foods
-Also a Mustache Contest

     Last Wednesday we harvested the Valiant grapes.

     A dozen of us worked to bring in about 1,500 lbs. and they tasted good, they were a really good crew.   This make the wine called "Nordsüss", It is sweet, light, and fruity, the quintessential "American grape juice" kind of taste that will probably remind you of grape juice from your childhood.
     Next Tuesday we'll be harvesting the grape Brianna, this makes the wine "Schnickelfritz".
     Our biggest harvest parties are still to come.
Harvest  Parties!
     If you like a party, this is the time to sign up.  The list is growing, Jon told me we could have a record harvest this year.  
 If you'd like to be part of a harvest party follow the instructions below.  If this is new to you:
 1.Being a harvest volunteer means working about 4 hour in the vineyard cutting off clusters of grapes into pails, those pails then dump into bins right in the vineyard.
 2. We then haul the bins to the winery for processing.
  3. Usually we start about 8:30 in the morning  complete by 12:30.
  4. Then we bring in a very nice meal, all the wine you'd like to drink.
  5. Then send bottles of wine home with you.  I don't have specific date now, to register I need your name, a good phone number, days of the week when you can come, and how many people in your group.
Some of the harvest is on weekday and some on weekends, the variable is how the when the grapes are a peak flavor to harvest.  All of our contact is via phone voice, not texting, therefore a good phone number is important.
email to with the subject line "2015 Harvest Party!"

Free Music this Saturday and Sunday!

Playing both day from 2 - 5 pm will be:

   Enjoy live music by Duke Zecco  
50's, 60's, 70's on his 12 sting guitar.

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