Don't miss the Hungarian Harvest Fest and Grape Stomp.

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Good Morning:    6:45 am
T he Hungarians are Coming!
The Hungarians are Coming!
      Time to get an early start to the day, have much to do in setup and prep for the Hungarian Harvest Fest and Grape Stomp.  I am afraid that the stomp part of this festival may easily be over looked.  You know, the Hungarians are practically professional grape stompers.  Anna, our Hungarian daughter-in-law, told me that in parts of Hungary they really used to stomp the grapes in big tanks to make the wine, recent years.  They hook their arms together and work as a group.  Big feet should help.
Brianna Harvest in the Tank
     On Tuesday this week we harvested the Brianna grape, about one and 3/4 tons, so we'll have more Schnickelfritz  coming.  Last Sunday we had a controller cable on the tractor hydraulic system break, so the grapes we handled with pails to the destemmer crusher, this is the machine that does the Lucy job on the grapes.
We had a very good lunch of sloppy joes, potato salad, and beans, I just love that  combination, all were smiling as I waved to them leaving the parking lot.  Harvesting is the best job in the vineyard, other than drinking the wine.
     Brianna is an Elmer Swenson variety, Elmer being the pioneer of having grapes here.
     Noted as "Brianna' can be made into a semi-sweet white wine with pronounced pineapple nose and flavor when fully ripe. He also noted that for light table wines with more grapefruit, tropical, and slight floral characteristics".
     See you this Saturday, last night I went with Iza, granddaughter, to pickup lemons for her lemonade stand.  She does make gooood lemonade.
   Don't miss that this event in also includes Grape Stomping!
Hungarian Harvest Festival
Grape Stomp
Saturday September 12th,  11 am to 8 pm
- Hungarian Dancing and Music
-Grape Stomping
-Kids Activities
-Photo Area with Costumes
- Delicious  Hungarian Foods
-Also a  Mustache  Contest
This year's grape stompin' will be rockin'! Oct 3rd: 11am-8pm Oct 4th 11am-6pm

Live music Saturday & Sunday from: * The Derelict Trio: 11pm-2pm both days * The Grizzly Rose Band: 2pm-6pm both days

Both days will be rockin' with: * Free Grape Stomping * Free Wine Tasting * Free Games with wine prizes * Wagon Rides * Guided Tours * Craft Vendors

Where was Iza on Sundays this Spring?

     Last spring Jon would take Iza to Hungarian Kids club on Sundays.  Therefore I got more than my share of Sunday tours.  I didn't really know what they were doing on these days, by accident I discovered a video of one of their activities. I don't know what they are saying but it looks fun to me.

Click on the image below to activate video.


This weekend Sept. 12 & 13.
On Saturday
       "The Hungarians present Live  Ethnic Music and Dance".
On Sunday
                 Jerry Kadlec 
From 2 - 5 pm will be:
Playing clarinet, saxaphone,
keyboard, and voice.
Performing a variety of music Genre.


Captured after Sunday's storm.
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