Prairiegrass Band & Andrew Walesch,6 Reasons to attend the Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp, 55% Off Coupons!

Good Morning:     9:40 am
     A little rain the last few days, today will become sunny and by Sunday we will be back at harvesting.  Sunday we have planned to harvest the Frontenac Gris (Naplemente and Salier are the wines.) and Marquette. (Draga and Neuhaus are the wines.)  We have a crew of 40 coming in to help, it should be a nice crowd and the forecast is for a beautiful day.   After this we have just the Frontenac grape left to harvest and we'll be all done.
   10 Reasons to attend
T he Rockin' Stompin' Grape Stomp
(October 3rd & 4th)
     Since last week we released a number of videos in our series of top 10 reasons to attend the Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp.  Below are all released to date.
Reason # 10
Reason # 9
Reason # 8
Reason # 7
Reason # 6
This year's grape stompin' will be rockin'! Oct 3rd: 11am-8pm Oct 4th 11am-6pmLive music Saturday & Sunday from: * The Derelict Trio: 11pm-2pm both days * The Grizzly Rose Band: 2pm-6pm both days

Both days will be rockin' with: * Free Grape Stomping * Free Wine Tasting * Free Games with wine prizes * Wagon Rides * Guided Tours * Craft Vendors

This weekend Sept. 26 and 27th.
On Saturday 2    - 5 pm.
 " Prairiegrass Band"
On Sunday 2 - 5 pm.
"Andrew Walesch"
In May of 2010, he graduated with a music degree from St. John's University, Collegeville, MN. Whether recording jingles, producing shows, composing and arranging, or singing as a solo artist and with big bands all over the Midwest, "the boy with the voice," is known for winning crowds over.
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the Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp.
$ 10 for Wine, Wineglasses, and Chocolate for Two on October 3 or 4 at Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery ($22 Value)


Amongst the chaos of the buzzing bees, a monarch rests, feasting in peace.
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