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Millner Heritage Winery
32025 MN Hwy 15
Kimball, MN 55353

Good Evening:     9:40 pm
     Another week flew by,   we had scheduled to harvest the Sabrevois grapes tomorrow, but we must have had about an inch of rain this afternoon.  Now we are delayed to Monday.  After this one the Frontenac Gris is next and lastly the Frontenac.  If we harvest the grape after a heavy rain, the juice is literately watered down from the rain entering the roots of the plants, that you can taste it in the wine.  Therefore we have to wait for juice in the grape to return to normal.
    This week we have been doing some work on advertising for our upcoming grape stomp:  I suggested the idea of doing ten short videos of the top 10 reasons for attending our Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp.  Jon, Anna, Iza, Phil, Scott, and our newest employee Andrea have all gotten involved.  Andrea is really good on the editing online side of promoting.  It is good to see someone younger getting into this job.
     Our first video is about a nun called Sister Mary Clarice, my idea.  My first six years of school were almost all nuns, I was an altar boy, and I had an aunt a nun.  Sister Corine Millner, she is now deceased, she was a wonderful person. I think people tend to think of nuns as just crabby people, well my experience is that nuns like to have fun too and are also real people.  I hope you enjoy Sister Mary Clarice.
10 Reasons to Rock Out at the Rockin' Stompin' Grape Stomp (October 3rd & 4th) REASON #10:
     This week on Tuesday I also stopped in St. Cloud to record our radio ad for the Grape Stomp.  It went good on the first take, I am always rather pumped up for these ads.
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This year's grape stompin' will be rockin'! Oct 3rd: 11am-8pm Oct 4th 11am-6pm

Live music Saturday & Sunday from: * The Derelict Trio: 11pm-2pm both days * The Grizzly Rose Band: 2pm-6pm both days

Both days will be rockin' with: * Free Grape Stomping * Free Wine Tasting * Free Games with wine prizes * Wagon Rides * Guided Tours * Craft Vendors

This weekend Sept. 19 and 20th.
On Saturday 2    - 5 pm.
       "The Derelict Trio" includes Mark Downing (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Steve Hornstein (guitar, bass, vocals), and Danielle "Dirty D" Olson (horns and vocals).
On Sunday 2 - 5 pm.
 " Prairiegrass Band"
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the Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp.
$ 10 for Wine, Wineglasses, and Chocolate for Two on October 3 or 4 at Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery ($22 Value)

Captured after Sunday's storm.
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