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Good Morning:     7:40 am
      Yes today it is a little frosty start to the day, but then it is Oct. 17th.  It has been a wonderful fall, the grapes have had time to collect energy and prepare for their long winter nap.  The process is called hardening off, the new growth of the vine becomes woody and the juices flow backward to the roots.   The buds loose water and develop almost a type of anti-freeze, a gradual cool down going into winter is best.
     Granddaughter Iza, 8 yrs. old, made a cute comment this week.  We were allwatching a comedy movie and the main character commented that he was now going to become a dad because he had gone all the way.  I asked Iza, "What does "Going all the way",mean?"  She replied, "That's when a couple gets married, live together, and do everything together."  We all smiled, it was cute.
       Yesterday Jon did the second filtering of the new vintage of  Minnesota Crisp, our hard apple cider.  I believe he is trying to get it back into kegs and bottles by the first part of November.  I sampled and the flavor is right on track, fall is a good time to have this available especially for Thanks Giving day.
   Upcoming Events:
Now the Spooky Vineathon 5K even has it own video.  Jon, Anna, and Iza being spooky.   If you don't run, you can skip, stroll, jump rope, crawl, or what ever the heck works for you.  The important thing is to come and help  "Breaking Free"and of course have fun doing it.  Please register early, it really helps to know a pumpkin count.
1. Our Spooky Vineathon 5K Fun Run/ Walk
through our vineyard.  This is a fund raiser for  the organization Breaking Free:
To read more, click on logo

Breaking Free is a Minnesota-based non-profit and social justice/social change organization founded in 1996 by Vednita Carter.
Every year, Breaking Free helps an average of 400-500 women and girls escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education. Our main offices are located in St. Paul, Minnesota, with branches in Rochester and Minneapolis. Breaking Free's doors are open to women and girls throughout Minnesota and the United States.
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St. Martin's Day  Case Club  Appreciation Party!
  November 7th
Social 5 pm 
Serving time 6 pm
     This event is Free with the requirement  that each couple at least fill their bottle bag with six bottles to take home, priced at case discount. That's just 3 bottles per person of your favorite wines.
 Don't have a bag? Buy a full case, 12 bottles, at the party and we'll still include you for the party.
In honor of St. Martin's Day, the patron saint of Wine, we are serving a  traditional German Buffet prepared by Austrian  Chef Heinrich Wurdek.
   Yes all of this is Free!

We will be serving :

- Sauer Braten, a sour roast meat, regarded as one of the national dishes of Germany
- Spatzle,    a kind of soft egg noodle or dumpling found in the cuisines of southern Germany and Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol.
- Orange Glaze Carrots
- Green Leaf Lettuce Salad.
- Plus Chocolate Bundt Cake
     After the meal we'll also have a traditional St. Martin's day lantern parade through the vineyard.

And more -
We'll have live music and a free glass of wine for each guest.
  For more details on St. Martin, the patron saint of  w ine  click
Seating is limited and RSVP required.
To reserve call Don Millner at 320-237-1958 or email to with the subject line "Free". Include your phone number and number of guests. I will return call to finalize.
Remember, you have to bring your 6-pack bag along to the event to enter. If you have more than one bag, bring another couple. Again remember,don't forget your bottle bag and advanced reservations required. This date is open to everyone with a 6-pack bag regardless of previous parties attended.

Thank you

This Weekend Music
Playing Oct. 17 & 18
"Verlyn's  Four Wheel Drive 1 Man band", Country 2 - 5 pm each day

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