MN Crisp back in Keg, Pushing Chain new band, Vineathon Next Week, St. Martin Soon.

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Good Morning:     9:40 am
     I have some cider news.  Minnesota Crisp, our hardapple cider make from a blend of 5 apple varieties from Trump Orchard of Faribault, is back on tap and available for keg sales.  And next week the 22 ounce bottles return to the shelves.  What makes this cider stand out from the rest of the market is that it starts with fresh squeezed apple juice brought to our winery and then it is fermented in a white wine style.  This gives it special fruity flavor similar to drinking an apple moscato.
     Even more cider news:  We are finishing up on a new cider, it is made from 5 apples and one grape.  Having six ingredients and keep in mind our German speaking heritage you'll understand the label name.  This cider is currently fermented but not yet ready for bottling.  I have tasted it and I think you will love it.  Apple with a little zing.
     This afternoon we get to do one of those grandparent things, it is grandparent day at Iza's school.  She talked with grandma last week to be sure we come, she also already said she wants to come home with us after the program.  This must be auniversal and multi-generational thing, liking to get out of school early.  When I was in junior high, my dad let me skip the Christmas program at school and go fishing with him.  Of course, now days that would be a poor example to your children.  All the same I still kept my work ethic.  When it is time to work, you work; and time to play, then play.
   Upcoming Events:
Boogy boogy boogy on Halloween! From 2 - 5 pm the Minneapolis Jazz Trio will be playing.
1. Our Spooky Vineathon 5K Fun Run/ Walk
through our vineyard.  This is a fund raiser for  the organization Breaking Free:
To read more, click on logo

Breaking Free is a Minnesota-based non-profit and social justice/social change organization  founded in 1996 by Vednita Carter.
Every year, Breaking Free helps an average of 400-500 women and girls escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education. Our main offices are located in St. Paul, Minnesota, with branches in Rochester and Minneapolis. Breaking Free's doors are open to women and girls throughout Minnesota and the United States.
Click on Photo to Register
Don't miss out, this will be our only case club party this fall.
St. Martin's Day  Case Club  Appreciation Party!
  November 7th
Social 5 pm 
Serving time 6 pm
     This event is Free with the requirement that each couple at least fill their bottle bag with six bottles to take home, priced at case discount. That's just 3 bottles per person of your favorite wines.
 Don't have a bag? Buy a full case, 12 bottles, at the party and we'll still include you for the party.
In honor of St. Martin's Day, the patron saint of Wine, we are serving a  traditional German Buffet prepared by Austrian  Chef Heinrich Wurdek.
   Yes all of this is Free!

We will be serving :

- Sauer Braten, a sour roast meat, regarded as one of the national dishes of Germany
- Spatzle,    a kind of soft egg noodle or dumpling found in the cuisines of southern Germany and Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol.
- Orange Glaze Carrots
- Green Leaf Lettuce Salad.
- Plus Chocolate Bundt Cake
     After the meal we'll also have a traditional St. Martin's day lantern parade through the vineyard.

And more -
We'll have live music and a free glass of wine for each guest.
  For more details on St. Martin, the patron saint of  w ine  click
Seating is limited and RSVP required.
To reserve call Don Millner at 320-237-1958 or email to with the subject line "Free". Include your phone number and number of guests. I will return call to finalize.
Remember, you have to bring your 6-pack bag along to the event to enter. If you have more than one bag, bring another couple. Again remember,don't forget your bottle bag and advanced reservations required. This date is open to everyone with a 6-pack bag regardless of previous parties attended.

Thank you

This Weekend Music
Playing Oct. 24th & 25th, each day 2 - 5 pm
Pushing Chain
Pushing Chain, a duo from Minnesota's north shore, features Boyd Blomberg on guitar and vocals and Adam Moe on fiddle and vocals. Their Americana-roots sound has been winning them fans throughout the Midwest, including a recent invitation to sing the National Anthem at the upcoming Twins/White Sox game. The duo features tight harmonies and a gonzo approach that keeps performances fresh and exciting, whether they're playing original songs, covers of classic artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone, or fresh new takes on old folk songs.

Kung Fu Jon, our winemaker of the week and month and year.
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