Music "Jerry Ostenso", MN Crisp Walking out the door, Digging up Dirt!'

Good Morning:     9:00 am
      Just a short letter today.  This week I had an experience I gave many thousands of people during my dental career but never experienced myself.  What was it?  I had a molar removed, it was unsalvageable due tovertical root fracture.  It was easy, I didn't cry, swell up, or hurt.  It was easy for me, but for my class mate's son doing the work the tooth came out in many pieces due to the fracturing.  Just don't need repeat performances of this event.
 The Cider Corner:
         The second pallet of cider is shrinking this week.  Jon has another 500 gallons in the carbonating tank, so more is coming and a semi load of cider bottles is arriving on Monday.  This week Phil, our new employee also submarine veteran, had a really good day on his wholesale route.  He sold 14 cases of wine and 25 cases of MN Crisp cider.  He is a young guy who wears the Irish hat; he works the vineyard, store, wholesale, and wine production. At the end of this sales day he was all smiles, Jon and I were also smiling.
     Below is a video of a project we are finally doing.  This has been long on our wish list but it always seemed to play second fiddle.  The should be  operational before winter.  What is it?
Up-grade domino effect:
     This week we also sold our Must pump,  this is used to pump crushed grapes with juice into the tanks or into the press.  Because the new tanks we installed last August, 11 ft. 5 in. tall, our old pump cannot pump that high into a tank, hence we now need a more powerful pump.  Called growing pains and are OK.
     Jon is doing the tours today, I will be gone this afternoon going to a movie with Iza.  I am planning to take her to the new "Charlie Brown" film.  I am looking forward to this afternoon.  Also, good luck to you deer hunter out there today.  Looks like a really nice day.
Every hunter has fallen asleep in their blind at one time. Not all of us get this unlucky though.
This Weekend Music
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    "Jerry Ostensoe"

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 "The Lawrence Welk of the Blues!" "His songs blend country, folk and blues as easily as wildflowers make their own bouquet"
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