Broken Ground, Iza 30% off, Sat. Nov. 12th St. Martin Free German Buffet

     Good Morning:

      Yes we have finally broken ground for our pallet storage building.  We moved the service road over to allow the space for the building addition.  They hauled over 52 truck loads of fill from our  over-flow parking area.  Howard and Leon Nordberg have been wonderful to work with on this project.  Monday we pour the footings for the building and a week from now we should be ready to pour the concrete floor.  Two videos below.

Little Iza at 30% Discount from the First Bottle!!!!

     You still have half a month to get in on the 30% Little Iza discount, discounting from the first bottle.  This is almost whole-sale pricing, enjoy!

Attention Deer-Hunting Widows!

Also, remember Free $5/7 wine tasting on Nov. 5th in honor of the deer hunting widows.

The Derelict Trio are playing Sat. and Sunday this week. 

Oct. 15th and 16th

Playing 2 - 5 pm
The Derelict Trio includes Mark Downing (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Steve Hornstein (guitar, bass, vocals), and Danielle “Dirty D” Olson (horns and vocals). The music they play flows from the intersection of blues, jazz and folk music. Their music comes from varied sources like Bessie Smith, Cab Calloway, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt. With a sound punctuated by Mark's harp and Dirty D's horns the Derelict Trio promises to always make "do the hip shake baby!"


Thank you for your time.

Don Millner and Family