My Brother the Tree, the Rafters are up, Iza 30% off ends soon, Deer Hunting Widows, St. Martin book now.


Dick and Don Then

Dick and Don Then

     Good Morning:

Dick and Don now

Dick and Don now

     This week I was working in the courtyard and noticed how beautiful the leaves were on the Mein Onkel tree.  The wine Mein Onkel is named after my brother, Uncle Dick, after his death 6 yrs. ago we planted a memorial tree for him.  The tree has been slow to grow, but now it is beginning to have some heft.  When it was young Jon accidentally backed over it with the van and it popped back up.  That fall it also got badly deer rubbed and still survived.  Seeing the tree now, I thought it a good selfie moment with my brother now.

The Construction Advances

     We've made good progress on our building addition this week.  When done it will be 3,000 square ft. of pallet wine storage.  We should be able to fit 30 to 40 thousand gallon of wine and cider in bottles into this space.  Or I told Jon it could also make a very nice basketball court. (Forget the basketball, I was always too short to play.)  Below I have some photos of the construction to date.

Charlie Roth live this Sat. and Sunday 2 - 5 pm.

     Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Celtic, Charlie Roth is a unique blend of all these genres.

Very soon this sale will be over!  Little Iza at 30% discount from the first bottle.

 This is Sue from Carriage House Liquors of Faribault.  They're a good customer of ours and she has a problem, "Also I'm out of MN crisp 22 oz bottles .  Let me know when we are getting more cider."   This is a good problem, Thank you Sue.

Remember Nov. 5th, you don't want to miss this.

St. Martin's Day will be here quickly, don't forget to reserve your spot.

 Come and join us on Saturday Nov. 12th for our case club party and St. Martin's Day celebration.  St. Martin of Tours is the patron saint of wineries.  Soldier to Monk & Hermit, to Bishop and Saint, is widely celebrated in Europe with night time lantern parades; our lantern parade is through the vineyard.

     Our regular case-club terms apply, requiring on M.H. six-pack bag for every two guests and to at least purchase 6 bottles of wine that evening.  Don't have as bag? You can buy a case of wine that evening to become a case-club member.

     We will be serving a buffet style German meal, on our china dishware, linens, a glass of wine each, and live music all Free.  Yes Free, this is a really good deal.

The Menu:
    Sauer Braten:    a sour roast meat regarded as one of the national dishes of Germany.
    Spatzle:  an egg noodle or dumpling found in the cuisines of southern Germany, Austria,and Hungary.
     Red Cabbage, Orange Glazed Carrots, and Chocolate Bundt Cake.          

     Saturday Nov. 12th, Social hour 5 pm, Serving time 6 pm.  To register email to with number of guests and a good return phone number to finalize. Or call Don at 320-237-1958, if a message left I need to call back to finalize.