Voted Best Booth 3 Consecutive Years! Sich freuen!!!

Hello most lovely Müllner newsletter readers,

If you haven't heard already, it's my honor to inform you that the Müllner Familia has been voted yet again the Best Booth out of 30 wineries at the MGGA Winter Wine Fest! This would make it the 3rd consecutive year! Our singing familia takes pride in bringing the best costumer service experience to each individual. Below is a snip-bit of our singing crew at the Winter Wine Fest:

New songs have been added to our song book this spring! Be sure to come out one weekend to enjoy one of our ensembles.

We Need Your Help!

Fellow Millner Heritage patrons, we are looking for your help by collecting your favorite meal and or recipe pairings that you enjoy having with our wine.
I'm starting a Pinterest page for our winery and I am looking to collect as many food pairings as possible for each of our wines. Then each week we will debut a different food and wine pairing.

Will you please email me any website links you've sourced meal ideas and recipes from? 
Köszönöm köszönöm köszönöm!

Thursday morning we broke our all time bottles per hour record! We started at 8:05 am and finished at 10:30 am bottling a total of 139 cases, that is 1,668   bottles. Making an average of  741 bottles per hour. We only broke one bottle and almost didn't drink any.

Don's Corner         

Good afternoon:

     Last weekend was busy, three days Minnesota Grape Growers Convention and then Sunday our Valentine’s Day event at the winery.  Saturday at the evening convention banquet I received a text message from one of my sisters that our Mom’s heart rate was high and breathing also elevated rate.  Reality struck home that her end may be near, at the same time Jon was doing the MC job for the banquet.  He did a really good job, pretty much a stand-up comic with enough knowledge of the people present to also do a roast.  Congratulations to Jon for the wonderful entertainment. 


     I got home about midnight Saturday and in the morning discovered the voice message that Mom had died 1:30 in the morning.  She had been checked 15 minutes before she was gone, must have died in her sleep.  Monday we got together for the arrangements and emptying her room at the assisted living home.  Today we go to Pierz for the wake and then Saturday the funeral.  We all said our goodbyes and she was I think ready to go.  She sure picked the date, died on Valentine’s Day and her burial Feb. 20th is also my birthday.

 Cecilia Millner Obituary click here


     What beautiful weather, Phil, Jon, and Andrea were pruning yesterday after we did a bottling morning session.  It sure feels like spring could come early and the circle of life and all things green will be back very soon.


     Thank you for your support during this time and have a wonderful day.


Don Millner



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