Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Happy Thursday ladies & gentlemen!

Last week was a pretty celebrated week in the alcohol industry. We had National Drink Wine Day and National Margarita Day! I'm behind on celebrating Margarita Day, but it's on my to-do list. Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, so I thought I would share one of my favorites:
The Princess & the Pea

News adjustment: Last week we stated our bottling record was an average of 741 bottles per hour. It actually ended up being 715 bottles per hour. Maybe next time we'll reach 741!

What's your favorite meal?

Let us know what your favorite meal is to have with our wine and I'll add it to our Pinterest page! Click here to view our Pinterest page. Together, we can collect a whole cookbook of recipes that are delicious pairings with our wine!

We would love to hear some of your suggestions! Email a dish to me (Andrea) and I'll try it out with one of our wines and then let you all know how it goes :)

Don's Corner


Well you already read above that we had a mis-reporting of our new bottling record last week.  I calculated it at 741 bottles per hour, when I saw in the newsletter it listed at 714, I corrected it not knowing that Jon had made an error on how many hours we bottled.  So with his new hour count it then came out to 714.8, I did get Jon to agree to round up, hence 715.  But then, I told Jon that, just like the politicians do, if we repeat the 741 number often enough it will become the truth.  But then we are not politicians, so the new record is now 715.


            My Mom’s funeral went really well last Friday and Saturday.  It was very much a Millner and Marshik reunion.  Jon enlisted me onto a wholesale tasting last Sunday evening; my voice was really scratchy from the weekend.  Hard to talk and sing, but I managed. 


            Andrea put in my bar work as photo of the week.  Right now I have a section of bar rail glued and in clamps, it is a “T” type connection.  I had some of this type of connection crack while clamped, this one made funny sounds while closing the clamps and oh I hope it isn’t cracked.  I won’t know until I can remove the clamps.  If it is I’ll have to start over on this piece and try to be smarter next time.  Trying to be smarter sometimes feel like a lost art.

Some days are like this!

Some days are like this!

Upcoming Tastings Near You

2/26 4pm-6pm :
Cellars Wines & Spirits, Plymouth

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3/5 12pm-3pm :
Viking Liquor Barrel, Prior Lake


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Andrea the Wine Student

I wanted to show you guys what wine school looks like for me. Essentially I can sit on the couch curled up in a blanket wearing my bathrobe. My classroom is online; we hold lectures and discussions virtually. This is what my lecture hall looks like:

One thing that my instructor, Zoran has said is that each person is their own instrument, you taste what you taste. Tasting wine is your own experience and no one can take that from you. 

So the next time a wine snob says you should be tasting tennis balls and cigars, and you're tasting rainbows and valentines, be at ease, nothing is wrong with you. You have every right to taste rainbows and valentines. 

Thanks again for reading! And don't forget to send me your meal pairing ideas!