Summer Hours Have Arrived!

Good Morning oh Most Beautiful Readers!

It is officially April according to my galaxy cat calendar hanging on my wall:

April means that we will be receiving showers to bring May flowers.

It also means that our winery will be open not only on Saturday and Sunday, but also on Thursday and Friday!



Mother's Day Buffet!

Details have arrived:
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The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:                            Saturday 4/2/16

     Yes it is a little cold today, you can blame me.  This cooler weather is good for the grapes.  It slows down the process for the buds to open.  Buds open too early + frost = little to no crop, that's farming.

Two days ago I had an epiphany.  We have a little problem in that people think we are closed for the winter.  We just completed our first winter of being open Saturday and Sunday, this now means that we are also open Saturday and Sunday year-round. You can come 12 months of the year and drink with us, whoopee!  Plus 9 months of the year Thursday to Sunday.

    On Wednesday evening I baked an out of our freezer pizza.  As I was cutting it with a scissors I thought his sure is a cardboard pizza.  When it came time to eat, it sure was a cardboard pizza, right from the first bite.

Forgot to take cardboard  out before baking.

Forgot to take cardboard  out before baking.

     Above you've already read that for Mother's Day we are serving Baby Back-Ribs.  What the heck are Baby Back-Ribs?  First, I want to assure you that no baby pigs will be harmed in the preparation of this meal.  My dad really loved raising hogs and he frowned upon someone butchering a pig that was just over 100 lbs.  Once you got the pig to grow the first half of its size, the second 100 lbs. was easy to do.  (Like the first half is the bigger half.)

     Not knowing what baby back-ribs are, I googled and found the answer.  This cut of ribs are from the upper part of the rib cage next to the spinal column.  Varying from 3 to 6 inches, they tend to be more meaty and yummy to eat.

     Thank you for reading today and have a wonderful weekend.







Tastings Near You!

Call up your WTF friends and head on over to one of our scheduled tastings:

4/15 6pm-10pm :
Brewers Ball, Golden Valley
Fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

4/15 4pm – 7pm :
O'Brothers Wine & Spirits, Annandale

4/22 4pm-6pm :
MGM, Eagan

4/23 6pm – 8pm :
Eagles Club, Litchfield

4/28 Paynesville Liquor

4/29 4:30pm -6:30pm :
South Lyndal, Minneapolis

Savor Minnesota is coming up on April 16th! See info here.




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Have a superfantabloustramendous week!