Open Easter Sunday! Last free 5 wine tasting of the season!

Happy Spring!

We are open Easter Sunday from 11am-6pm! This Sunday will be our last free five wine tasting of the season. Next week we start back up with our summer hours!  

(Friday April 1st will be the start of the Summer Schedule.)

Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday & Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 6p


Mother's Day is just around the corner!

Stay tuned for our Mother's Day event info.


The Glass is Half Full!

Good Afternoon:                            Friday 3/25/16

     Well this week was not my normal week.  Last Monday we celebrated our youngest son, Scott, his 30th birthday.  Really nice big meal cooked by our Phil Yungk, Phil works  our vineyard, wholesale wine, our store, and helps with the production side.  He did steak, shark steak, and  kabobs with shrimp and mushrooms, etc.  This was all at Shawn and Heather's house; the food was all really good, I ate OK but just wasn't quite right.

     That night got home and boom hit  with the chest flu.  Went to doctor on Tuesday, thought maybe pneumonia; she commented that I hadn't gotten a flu shot. So I am still recovering just from the flu.  The recovery is really slow, gives me cabin fever.  I am getting close to done with this, I've never had this before. This is what the little bugger looks like!


    As you know, some weeks are like this.  Mary, my wife, says that I always move at 90 mph, well this week I have been doing a lot of 30 mph.

    Don't miss our last day of Free 5-Wines tasting this Sunday.  We can be your Easter dessert.

     Lastly, Jon, Anna, and Iza are doing good in Hungary.  Since the bombing in Brussels this week, the only difference he has noticed is the sound of more police cars.  They should be good, yet we watch for their safe return.

Thank you for your time and have a good Easter weekend.




Millner Wine <3's Food

This past week I paired Sesame Noodles with Salier. If you haven't tried our Salier yet, let me first say that it is named after the ship the Millner's sailed over on from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1882.

With that being said, this medium bodied semi-sweet white will take your palate on an adventure! Its unique complexity carries a broad spectrum of citrus notes on one end and then balances with more gentle fruits such as pear and apricot on the other. A simple dish like Sesame Noodles is a great pairing to compliment this wine. 

Sesame Noodles

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Tastings Near You!

3/26 3pm - 6pm :
The Wine Market, Mendota

4/1 5pm – 7pm :
Central Ave Liquors, NE Minneapolis

4/28 Paynesville Liquor

Savor Minnesota is coming up on April 16th! See info here.



Andrea the Wine Student

Last weekend I drove down to a wine sensory evaluation workshop in Geneva, OH. The premise of the workshop lied heavily on the aroma of wine. Primarily because the aroma of wine is biggest contributing factor to its perceived taste. We smelled numerous concentrated flavors from a wine sensory kit imported from France. My only objection to this French aroma kit was the aroma they claimed to be grass. The French must have pretty extravagant grass—and if they do, well, I guess that wouldn't surprise me. 


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Thank you for reading! Happy Easter!