New T-shirts in Das Haus!

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If you haven't called in your Mother's Day Buffet reservation yet, call right now!
Below is an incentivising advertisement I made for you to incentivize you to call: 612-568-8318 to reserve your spots!



Millner Swag

That's right, folks. 

We have new t-shirts in das haus!

But wait, there's more!

Purchase a case of wine and receive one of these FREE shirts! 


Both events are home runs, don't miss any good plays and reserve your spot for both! Click the images for more details or call 612-568-8318


May 8th: Mother's Day Buffet

May 21st: Case Club Appreciation Dinner: Millner Prohibition History Night

Join us for a night of Millner prohibition flash backs! We've been making spirits and wine since 1882 and no way did prohibition stop us! Join us in dressing the part and acting the part! We will also be presenting photos and a short presentation of what it was like back then for our family.



The Glass is Half Full!

Good Evening:                            Thursday 4/21/16

   Do you ever have where your daytime activity gets into your dreams?  Yesterday I had to re-lube a PTO shaft on a mower, got my hands all greasy and stained dirty and then had the dream I was back doing dentistry.  Had my old staff, different building, and nothing for working material were in the correct places.  I completed 3 or 4 patients and then remembered that I am now longer licensed or insured. I awoke with the Oh my gosh feeling.


      I believe it is time to give away a bottle of line.  Look at the photos below.  Does anyone known what these lawn circles are from?  To enter send you answer to with the subject line of "Circle invasion from Mars!"  The winner will be drawn from the correct answers.  If you are the only one, easy bottle of wine.  (M.H. workers and family exempt.)

Thank you for your time and have a nice weekend.




Tastings Near You!

4/22 4pm-6pm :
MGM, Eagan

4/23 6pm – 8pm :
Eagles Club, Litchfield

4/23 St Coud YMCA Promenade
Millner Wine Stomp
Click here for ticket info!

4/29 4:30pm -6:30pm :
South Lyndal, Minneapolis




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