Mein Onkel is Back in the Bottle!


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Mein Onkel is back in the bottle!

We will be restocking Mein Onkel in a liquor store location near you! If your preferred liquor store doesn't have Mein Onkel yet, just ask for them to call us and we will deliver it as soon as possible. 


That's right. What The Foch is following close behind. We will be bottling What The Foch this Saturday! Run in to the winery to buy your case and receive a free T-Shirt!


Volunteer Bottlers Wanted for Saturday morning, May 7th & Saturday morning, May 28th

We are also looking for Saturday morning volunteer bottlers for June, July and August!

After bottling in the morning we will treat you to lunch and all the wine you can drink, (while still being able to drive home safely) and then we will also send you home with two bottles!!

If you'd like to volunteer just reply to this email with the Saturday you are available! Thank you so much!



May 8th: Mother's Day Buffet

It's not too late to RSVP!

Reply to this email requesting your reservation or call: 612-568-8318


May 21st: Case Club Appreciation Dinner: Millner Prohibition History Night

Click this banner to view full flier!

Click this banner to view full flier!

We've been making spirits and wine since 1882 and no way did prohibition stop us! Join us in dressing the part and acting the part! We will also be presenting photos and a short presentation of what it was like during prohibition for our family.

Reply to this email requesting your reservation or call: 612-568-8318



The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:                            Thursday 4/28/16

   Do you ever need a good laugh?  Last Sunday afternoon at the winery, traffic was slow and I thought it'd be a good time to do a little filming to promote our Mother's Day Event.  It started more serious and ended with belly laughing.  Then this morning I realized that the six videos actually have wine pairing capability.  Follow the sequence below, know that no phone apps were used, this is all unmodified on the fly filming, I like to call it red neck filming.

1. The first video pairs with our Frontenac wine called "Rona."  A dry red wine that pairs with spicy foods you savor. 

2. This video pairs with "What the Foch", between lighter whites and heavier reds.Becky only agreed to sing as a duo.

3. For this video, Tom refused to sing, so I said no problem.  I can sing for you.  The wine pairing is Schnickelfritz, meaning rascal or trouble maker.

4. After this things got wild, Dana then videoed.  The wine paring, Nordsüss. Made to pair with dark chocolate, Fruit forward tones are what you get.

5. This next video has to be paired with "Gemütlichkeit", meaning Good Times in German.  Matt did a wonderful job.

6. Lastly is my wife, Mary's video.  I pair her with our Ruby Port called "Papo".  a very stiff drink, Great with dark chocolate.

Don't miss our Mother's Day Buffet plus more!

     Now for the winner of last week's trivia question.  Does anyone known what these lawn circles are from?  

     The correct answer is "Fairy Rings". the rings are caused by mushrooms that grow in circles. The mushrooms "fix" nitrogen the greens up the grass - same as using lawn fertilizer, only in circles.   And the winner of a free bottle of Millner Heritage wine is Al Gilmer.  Congratulations!

    As always, Thank you for our time and have a wonderful week.

Don Millner




This week's Instagram post is a video of our last choir practice with Don. We are rehearsing the Schnickelfritz song! 

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