Case Club Appreciation May 21st - FREE MEAL!


Let's start this newsletter out with a drumroll because we broke a new bottling record! Last Saturday we bottled What The Foch at 753 bottles per hour! That is 62.75 cases an hour! Even more significant: we did 204 cases it in 3 hours and 15 min!


We literally could not have done it without you! 


Reply to this email if you would like to volunteer for bottling on a Saturday this summer!

We are currently looking to fill every Saturday June - August. We start at 8:15am and finish 4 hours later, then we feed you and pour you all the wine you want! Then we send you home with two bottles!



May 21st: Case Club Appreciation (FREE) Dinner: 

Millner Prohibition History Night

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We have been making spirits and wine since we arrived from Neuhaus, Austria in 1882! Prohibition did not stop us! Come and join us for a night of flashbacks as Jon tells us the Millner story!

Live music too!

Reply to this email or call 612-568-8318 to reserve your spot!


The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:                            Thursday 5/5/16

   Another week going into the record book and another week of fast growing lawn.  Mary  did quite a lot of cutting yesterday.  It must be almost five years now we are running a zero turn mower.  When we first got it I told Mary to drive in the parking lot a while to get used to steering  with the two handles, I was afraid she might drive into the pond.  Like a fish in water, she  took off onto the lawn and has done very good  with it since.

     Speaking of "Like a fish in water".  This week I brought my goldfish back to the little pond from their  wintering in a cage at the bottom of the big pond by the driveway.  I put 24 fish in the cage last fall and "Holy Mackerel", 24 fish were still alive this spring, wow.  The first day back they swam around like happy children on a playground at recess time.  I wanted to show you an actual photo of my babies, but I dropped my dumb smart phone into the little pond, it is now drying out in a bag of rice.




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Have a Beeeeeeeautiful week!

- Andrea