FREE DINNER at Millner's Prohibition History Night!

Dearest Readers,

Case Club Appreciation night is just around the corner! May 21st at 5pm! During this dinner we will be celebrating our history of making wines and spirits during prohibition. You'll get an exclusive look at old photos of the family and the old still, (that's still around today)! Plus, live music! Don't forget to bring your Millner Case Club Bag!

Not a Case Club member yet? No worries! No formal membership fees are required, simply just purchase a case of our wine! Click the image below for a printable flier:

Feel free to have fun with the night and dress up! Here are some examples:


The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:                            Thursday 5/12 /16

     Yes this still is farming, I called Jon this morning to see if he knew of the frost warnings for Friday night.  He had a one word reply with a word similar to manure.  The problem of a frost now is that we loose 50% to 60% of our crop, because the buds are totally open and growing.  We do have a plan, I will later today attach the 150 gal. fungal sprayer onto the tractor and check that it is operational.  Saturday morning early, Jon and Phil will have a date in the vineyard keeping water spraying onto the vines, hopefully minimizing any damage.

     Don't miss the case club party advertised above.  If you don't have a case club bag, you can buy a case of wine that day and still be part of the party.  You all probably had a big meal last Sunday for Mother's Day, by May 21st you should be hungry again.

     Last week I transferred my goldfish into the smaller patio pond and then dropped my phone into the water.  It dried out OK in rice and below is a phone it contained of their winter home.

     Last Sunday was the start of our music season.  We will now have live music every Saturday and Sunday until the end of November.  I was able to bring in some new performers this year, I'm sure you enjoy them all.

     This Sat. and Sunday May 14 & 15 will be "Just Jerome".   

Playing 2 - 5 pm.
Jerry Kadlec playing clarinet, saxaphone, keyboard, and voice.
Performing a variety of music Genre.

     One last note, the vineyard tours are back.  Come and enjoy the best vineyard and winery tours in Minnesota.  By touring the vineyard now, early in the season, you'll see the tremendous growth that occurs in a normal season.  It is amazing!


  Thank you for our time.                                                                                                                       Don Millner



Have a fabtabülous week!

- Andrea