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The Glass is Half Full!


Good morning:

      One of the advantages of being retired, I just got up from my noon nap.  Slept good, but then when I was practicing dentistry I also took a noon nap.  One of my earliest memories as            pre-school taking a nap, my dad also took a nap when he  could.  Sometimes my mom would get impatient with his napping, she'd say, "Your going to sleep yourself to death." After a nap it is good to go back to work again.

     Last night Iza came to  our house on short notice, we had already planned to go out for supper in Kimball.  The place we went was Son of a Butcher (S.O.B.), featuring on Wednesday evening free bingo. Iza came with us, wow we won three packages of brats from Knaus meats.  The last game of the evening was a blackout for a $50 gift certificate to win in 50 numbers, that's every second number has to be on your card to win.  At the 50th number Iza had only two spots open and in two more calls she won the blackout.  So she didn't win the $50, instead she won a drink chip for dad on father's day.  It was really fun to see her win.


     Now it is time to answer last week's trivia question.  "Where were we on the photo below?  Hint, after this we went to Como Park.  Yes, the answer is Minnehaha Falls and the winner of a bottle of wine is John Doe.  Yes, really John Doe, I am curious as to the real name when I send of the gift certificate.

  A very nice day for all fathers, including all three of our sons are also fathers.

Our music this Saturday and Sunday June 18th and 19th, 2 - 5 pm is "The Derelict Trio"

Check them out at The Derelict Trio on You Tube.  They play some wild Jazz.  You'll like them.

     Thank you for our time.  Don Millner


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Thanks for reading!

- The Millners