Officially Summer!

Hello Most Beautiful Millner Fans!

As you know, the official day of summer was on the 20th and summer is a season we ought to celebrate in Minnesota. So if you haven't already, we encourage you to grab a bottle of one of our wines and pair it with your "Cheers to Summer" toast! 

Best Millner wines to pair with summer:

Mn Crisp, Naplemente, Salier, Nordsüss, Gemütlichkeit, Little Iza.

Our wines should be in your nearest liquor store, but if they are not, request us! Then we can start distributing your favorite Millner wine to your preferred liquor store.



FREE Hog Roast on July 16th

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The Glass is Half Full!





Good Morning:                                      7:30 am 6/25/16

     Being that we live in the state with 10,000 lakes, one would think to be a true Minnesotan a little fishing is in order.  Mary's father died back in 2000, we bought his boat.  With the winery  work it has been sitting idle since 2007, now we have it back in the water.  But is fishing really expensive.  a. Boat license $38 b. New fuel tank, the old metal one rusted $65 c. Rebuild carburetor on  25 hp   outboard $189 d. New anchor rope, used the old one somewhere in the last 9 years $10 e. More engine problems $117 f. MN fishing license $36 g. Lastly needed new depth finder $139 = $594. And we already had the boat.  We went fishing a few times now with a little success, hopefully we do better. Currently our fish price is about $300 per pound, with hard and smarter fishing we may improve.  We do like eating the fish and it is good for us to get out onto the lakes get some time away from the winery work.  A while ago I asked a fisherman about catch and release.  He said he does "Catch and Release in the Grease."

July 16th Free Hog Roast Update!

     I'd like to give you some details about the Free Hog Roast on July 16th.  On this project we are working with "Benny's Meat Market" of Hutchinson.  Benny is actually the owner of the meat shop, a nice young guy.  We made the contact with him via a discussion about grapes with his parents, they also grow grapes.  Benny will be roasting the hog at our location, staying up all night to do the cooking.  Maybe we could have a roasting party all night long.  The menu is looking  to be of course the Roast Pork, Baked Potatoes, Home Style Baked Beans with Bacon, and Buns to go with the Pork. If you'd like to read more on Benny, click on the photo below to go to his website.

       The grapes are looking very good.  We have far more clusters developing than we had expected.  Apparently the primary buds got damaged from frost damage from 4 weeks ago, but have since recovered.  Thanks to Jon and Phil watering them into the wee hours of the morning  during the frost episode.  Now we have to see if we can complete the crop and get the grapes into the fermentation tanks.

State Highway 15 Rebuilt as 4-Lane past Millner Heritage

     Lastly, like all good businesses you need sound infrastructure, maintenance is an ever going battle.  For some time now we have been waiting for a rebuild on state highway 15 as you enter our winery.  The road is bumpy and little to no shoulders, we'd like to see you have a smooth ride on you way in and not have you wine jostled on the way out.  The past spring from a friend I heard that the road was going to be rebuilt in 2017, then talked with a highway worker and he said not until 2022.  Talk about surprises, late spring they now rebuilt the highway into a 4-lane. 


A Motorcycle 4-lane!!!

A Motorcycle 4-lane!!!

Thank you for your time.

Don Millner


This Saturday and Sunday 2 - 5 pm

"Gravel Road"

"Gravel Road" is made up of musicians as diverse as the music they play, offering a variety of musical styles. Their music ranges from Blues & Folk to Rockabilly & Traditional Country. Playing everything from Muddy Waters and Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash.


Enjoy your weekend and thanks for readning!


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