Save the Date - July 16th Hog Roast! Bottling Volunteer Update!

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How many of you know what sulfites are and do in wine? The term 'sulfites' is an inclusive term for sulfur dioxide (SO2). SO2 is a preservative and widely used in winemaking (and most food industries), because of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. SO2 plays a very important role in preventing oxidization and maintaining a wine's freshness.

HOWEVER, some people are allergic to sulfites and believe that it causes them headaches.

So for those people, we have good news for you! Our dry reds, Draga and Rona are sulfite free! Though it says on the labels that it does contain sulfites, it is only listed on there because the TTB makes you pay to take it off.


Due to a busy summer of Saturday weddings at the winery we have decided to change bottling days to FRIDAY instead of SATURDAY. If you are available to help us bottle on Fridays through the summer, please reply to this email! 

If you were scheduled to volunteer on a upcoming Saturday we will be notifying you with other possible Fridays available. Apologies if you work on Fridays!

Again, we want to offer a big thanks to all of our volunteers that have helped us thus far! We couldn't have done it without you!


Good Morning                               Thursday June 2, 2016

     With all the political news of late, I'm sure you've heard of politics making strange bedfellows.  At the winery we have been having some concern about the growth of our local goose flock.  Ten years ago we had two geese on our property, now it is growing to 15 - 20 hanging around at the pond by the driveway and they brouse into the vineyard and of course they poop all over.  Last year they started eating some of the grapes, bad news.  Yesterday Jon told me that  the Japanese Beetles are now in the twin cities and they will arrive here soon.  This beetle has been a problem only east of the Mississippi river.  The odd thing he heard is that geese eat the grubs of this beatle, odd bedfellows.  Yes this is farming!  Japanese Beetles

     Our oldest son Doug lives in Houston  with spouse Angie and granddaughter Lisa.  Doug has always been a reader.  When he was 8 or 9 yrs. old and our family would go traveling on a road trip, he'd always have a big box of magazines to read.  And when he finished reading them, he'd read them again.



To show how much we appreciate our case club members for our next case club appreciation dinner we are bringing in the hogs!

Mark your calendars for our July 16th Case Club Appreciation HOG ROAST! Call our event line at 612-568-8318 to reserve your spots or simply reply to this email. This event is FREE with the requirement of 6 bottles of wine or a case of cider to be purchased per couple.


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- The Millners