Summertime at the Winery

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Our vineyard tours are in full swing now at the winery! Grab a glass, (or a bottle) and board our trolly to be taken on a ride through our vines. We will tell you all about viticulture and our cold climate grape varieties! Check us out on Groupon before you come out to receive BOTH tours (vineyard & winery), a glass of wine, tasting of 8 table wines, a chocolate bar, a wine glass to take home, and 30% OFF CASE DISCOUNT! 

Tours take place Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm and 3:00pm.



If you haven't bought a case of our wine, (which automatically enrolls you in our Case Club) you still have time before the next Case Club appreciation dinner! Our next Case Club dinner is one to show you that we REALLY appreciate you buying cases of our wine, (cue drumroll) WE ARE BRINGING IN A HOG ROAST!

Mark your calendars for July 16th! Call our event line at 612-568-8318 to reserve your spots or simply reply to this email. This event is FREE with the requirement of 6 bottles of wine or a case of cider to be purchased per couple.



The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:                            Saturday 5/28/16

     I have not written for two weeks, not due to lack of desire, just didn't get it done.  It has been really busy lately, two weeks ago the frost gave us a real push.  Jon and Phil drove from 1 a.m. two nights spraying water on the vines to help to protect them.  I think they helped the grapes, but we did get some losses.  On average we thought we lost 50% of our primary buds, now we think it closer to a 40% primary bud loss.  Where these buds are lost replacement buds will grow but the replacements produce less than half of the normal amount of grapes.  This is just the start of the season, so we can still loose grapes to hail, birds, disease, drought, deer, raccoon, and other things  I can't remember right now.  So the wine tastes really good especially when you know all the perils the grapes have to survive to become wine. Enjoy!

     The dead areas in the above photo are frost damage.  Replacements will come and some shoots survived the frost with their neighboring shoots killed.  

  For our music this weekend we have as new group playing Saturday and Sunday 2 - 5 pm.  I am looking forward to seeing and hearing this performance.

Gravel Road" is made up of musicians as diverse as the music they play, offering a variety of musical styles. Their music ranges from Blues & Folk to Rockabilly & Traditional Country. Playing everything from Muddy Waters and Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash.~

Thank you for your time and have a special weekend with you family.

Don Millner







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- Andrea