Keep Calm & Drink Wine, 8 Medals at ICCWC, Harvest Dates Set!

     Good Morning

     I am starting with the slogan, " Keep Calm and Drink Wine!"  This came from a young guy named Ben, his parent like our wine and also work at the winery.  Ben just loves to color and he actually is quite good also with a camera.  In times of busyness as we seem to have now, I think he has the right suggestion.  I have his 4 pages he just did this week below.  If you'd like to see his other informative drawings click on

Ben 1,  Ben 2,  Ben 3

ICCWC Wine Competition

     Last weekend the International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC) released their results for this year's competition.  We go 8 medals, a new high medal count for us.  I think Jon wrote a nice comment on facebook, " We took 8 medals! Felt good about this. Most we've taken before has been 7. So, 8's a record! I thought this showed a good consistent strong overall line up. And even in very different styles. Dry wines, sweet wines, ciders. So, I felt good about this. Come out and enjoy them before they're gone!"

Harvest is Now!

     Yesterday we did our first harvest of the season.  Our group picked 2 1/4 tons of mostly Brianna grapes (makes Schnickelfritz wine) and Valiant ( makes Nordsuss wine).  We had a very good group and even got done early.  

This morning Mary and Jon haggled out the remainder of the harvest schedule.  Mary is working on calling from our harvest list right now as I am typing.  To get on a crew you need to call her at 320-282-7348.  You can email to me at but Mary still need to then make contact to you via phone before you are on a crew. 

     The dates are Sept. 6th, a Tuesday; Sept. 16th, a Friday; Sept. 19th, a Monday; and Sept 20th, a Tuesday.  

Hungarian Harvest Festival

     Remember Sept 10, the Hungarian Harvest Festival will be here soon.  Don't miss the fact that this also includes Grape Stomping!  To see the details click here for flyer link.

Live Music Sat. & Sunday Sept. 27 &28

     Our music this weekend it the "Derelict Trio".  They play Saturday and Sunday 2 - 5 pm.  The Derelict Trio includes Mark Downing (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Steve Hornstein (guitar, bass, vocals), and Danielle “Dirty D” Olson (horns and vocals). The music they play flows from the intersection of blues, jazz and folk music.