Harvest Parties, Hungarians are coming, Jon having fun with Attila the Fun.

     Good morning:    5:30 am

     I went to bed in time last night, so woke up at 5 am.  I am supposed to be retired and sleeping in, well I guess I'm not that retired.  I've been busy this week doing a few projects that have been procrastinated, not neglected. First, completed the floor trim on the new bar.  I find it a good feeling to be able to take rough wood, cut it to dimension, thickness plane it, add a routed edge, stain & varnish, and abracadabra  our bar has custom floor trim.  The word abracadabra used by magicians according to Google, "The word Abracadabra may derive from an Aramaic phrase meaning "I create as I speak."  Regardless, the finished oak always looks beautiful to the eye.

     The second project was to setup our new keg cooler for behind the second bar.  It can hold up to eleven 1/6th barrel kegs with eight tappers.  Eventually this bar will house all the ciders, currently at three labels, more already in the planning.  Another thing possible is to also do  wine by keg. When pouring wine by the bottle, any Sunday left overs are not good by Thursday. With kegged wine, you can say it is  good to the last drop. To read more on this click on the photo below.

Time for a Harvest Party


     Mary is still working on calling from our harvest list.  To get on a crew you need to call her at 320-282-7348.  You can email to me at donmillner@gmail.com but Mary still need to then make contact to you via phone before you are on a crew. 

     The dates with openings are:  On Monday Sept. 19th we have 20 spaces open, a nice time to make a three day weekend.   and on Sept. 20th 6 spaces open.  A last minute change, due to slow ripening this Tuesday's harvest is being moved to Friday Sept. 9th. If you can make the date, give us a call.  Thank you 


Hungarian Harvest Festival

With Free Grape Stomping!

     Remember Sept 10, the Hungarian Harvest Festival will be here soon.  Don't miss the fact that this also includes Grape Stomping!  To see the details click here for flyer link.  And don't miss the authentic Hungarian foods.

Live Music Sat. and Sunday Sept. 3rd & 4th

     Playing 2 - 5 each day :  Verlyn's Four Wheel Drive 1 Man Band playing a variety including old country.

"Attila the Fun's Fruit Bubbly for the Ages"

     Yesterday Jon and a small crew finished bottling and kegging the last of this years vintage of "Attila the Fun's Fruit Bubbly for the Ages".  Atilla is made from 85% Catawba grape and 15% apple.  Technically it is a wine, but made in a cider style with a light carbonation.  The Catawba grape is a very old American grape. From 1825 to 1850, it was the most widely planted grape in the United States.    Major John Adlum is credited with creating this grape crossing Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera.  Vitis vinifera is the family of grapes including the common European grapes.  Vitis labrusca is the  wild grape native to Northeastern United States, this is also the genetics that that gives the concord grape its strong grape flavor.  Elmer Swenson, the grape breeder responsible for the hybrid we are growing, also used Vitis labrusca as part of his breeding stock.  I think Attila the Fun is really good very cold and on a hot day.  To read more about the Catawba Grape click on Major John Adlum photo below.

  Remember that our "Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp" is on Oct. 1 and 2nd.  I have live music booked both days, all day long. The details coming very soon.

Thank you for your time.

Don Millner