Short Notice Harvest this Sunday, Hungarian Harvest Fest with Grape Stomp Saturday!

Good Morning:        Friday 9/9/16

     Today is a short newsletter, I have a broken mower deck to fix.  It is good to have an old stick welder to be able to do some repairs myself and I have to get going.

     Harvest Parties

     We are a little in a pinch due to weather this week with all the rain.  We were really flooded this week with rain that our harvest for today has had to be moved to this Sunday, Sept. 11.  We had a full crew scheduled today, eight of them can't make it for Sunday.  One door closes, another door opens, if you are only available on weekends, this can be the opportunity for you.  Please give us a call at 320-282-7348.  After approx. 8 to 12 pm harvest, then wine & dine to your heart's content and take two bottles/person of Millner Heritage wine home with you.   It's really a good deal.  Below is a video from a 2013 harvest party that really says it all.  

The Hungarians are Coming.

     The Hungarian Harvest Fest is this Saturday, Sept 10th.  Don't miss this FREE entry event.  Do come hungry for the Hungarians because they have authentic Hungarian food to satisfy you hunger, almost a tongue twister to say.  Also don't miss the ethnic dancing, games, and Grape Stomping. 

Music This Sunday, Sept. 12th

Playing 2 - 5
Terry Nelson playing Country.

      Thank you for your time and have a wonderful weekend.

Don Millner and Family at Millner Heritage Winery