Alert: Missing Mustache

Our dearest newsletter reading patrons,

This week on Facebook I posted a picture of this man:

There has been some speculation in the comments on our Facebook post that Jon is taking an undercover job, someone even suggested that this man may very well be D.B. Cooper, not mustache-less Jon. We are not sure the exact cause for this incident; it might have been that Jon went through a mini identity crisis. He claims his reasoning for such an atrocious act is because he is going back to Hungary for a while and thought it would be too much maintenance over there while traversing the country.

I can assure you that we have put out an emergency alert for the curly mustache to return to it’s proper place. We will keep you updated in the coming weeks as to its return.

Up Coming Event

Destiny E.W.O will be at the winery showcasing their jewelry on March 12th & 13th.

Necklaces, bracelets, earnings and more! All hand made in Uganda, Africa!

100% of the sales from these crafts will go to the continued work of Destiny E.W.O. empowering
elderly, widows and orphans through education, health care and sustainable living skills.

About Destiny E.W.O:

Destiny EWO – work in the U.S. : 
We assist families in crisis with aid in locating resources, assisting with paperwork, or providing groceries. We help homeless shelters, widows, elderly, and women's shelters with financial contributions and clothing donations. We also volunteer our time with packing meals and serving at events. 

Destiny EWO – work in Uganda: 
Destiny assists individuals in obtaining garden seeds for family and business use, craft supplies for products to take to market, or provides chickens or goats to provide food and income for families, which also become returned future resources for Destiny.

Check out their Facebook for more info! 

The Glass is Half Full.  (Also nice sun glasses.)

The Glass is Half Full!

Good evening:

            Above I see that Andrea noted that Jon shaved off his mustache, I have something to add to this subject.  With his mustache removed did you notice that his nose double in length?  A regular Pinocchio and who is this young guy?  A while back Jon suggested that I should also grow out my mustache, it sure seems like a lot of work to me.  I think I’d have plenty of growth, should I do it?


            I just returned from Hutchinson, purchased stain and varnish for the new bar.  I ran into a couple of our long time winery regulars from Hutchinson, I couldn’t resist it and sang them the “Sechs in a Bottle” song. Today I completed the bar top including inside andoutside rails.  The sides will be slow to assemble, I might stain and varnish the top that I have the time now.


            Did you notice that I changed my titling above to “The Glass is Half Full”?  We do pour our glass of wine as 5 ounce of wine in a ten ounce glass.  With a well poured glass of wine, you do want some airspace in the glass for the aromatics to collect that you can also smell the wine.  And remember that with it half full you can drink twice as many.


            With growing grapes you also have to always have the mentality that the glass is half full.  Right now it is too warm for late February and early March.  If the grapes awake too early and the buds open, we can lose our crop due to a spring frost.  As the weather is warm now instead of sub-zero, the grapes can start their process of awakening from the winter sleep too early.  But then with the global warming, maybe when they do open we won’t have a frost. (This is the glass half full attitude.)

      It was really warm last Saturday! 

            Have to go, Mary wants to go  out for supper.

 Thank you for your time.


Tastings Near You!

3/5 12pm-3pm :
Viking Liquor Barrel, Prior Lake

3/11 3:30pm - 6:30pm :
Casey's Liquor, Ham Lake

3/12 3pm - 6pm :
France 44, Minneapolis

3/26 3pm - 6pm :
The Wine Market, Mendota

Millner Wine <3's Food

As you know, we started a Pinterest page with different pinning boards for our wines. I currently have five of our wines listed and have a good start on different meals to pair with our wines. 
See our Pinterest page here.

Your vote is needed:

Out of these two meals, which one should I make this week to show & tell you about next week?? Both of them I plan to pair with Rona.

The Wine Stache Episode 1

I'd like to introduce you to our very first podcast series!
Phil is interviewing Jon this week, check out the link below:

Jon Millner's Wine Stache / Episode 1


On Instagram? Follow us at @MillnerHeritageWinery for fun photos like these throughout the week!


Thank you for reading and have a extratramendousbountifulwinefilled week!