Jon, Anna & Iza left for Hungary this week!

Greetings fellow wine consumers!

Personally, my wine consumption has increased in the last month due to my Sensory Evaluation course. Each week for my homework I am to go out and buy a specific type of wine to evaluate. This starts to add up to be a lot of wine for a single lady. Thankfully, my roommate is courteous and helps me finish my homework when it starts piling up.

Regarding the single lady issue: Jon, Anna & Iza headed off to Hungary on Tuesday. Before they left I asked them if they could bring me back (kidnap) a Hungarian husband. They will be over there for a month, so they should have time to pick one up, I'm sure he can squeeze into a suitcase. 

I'm only almost half joking...



The Glass is Half Full!

Good Evening:                            Friday 3/18/16


     Mary and I just got home this evening from Jackpot Junction Casino.  I am nothing of a gambler; I played black-jack for about half an hour until I lost my $20 bill as expected.  We were there to celebrate our youngest son Scott on his 30th birthday.  Last night the seven of us pigged out on crab legs.  


     I remember in the old days we would drink some really bad beer, such as Fox Deluxe, Arrowhead, Hauenstein, and etc.  We often had the standing joke that it was better to just pour the beer down thetoilet; instead of running it first through your body and then into the toilet.  The photo below shows how the casino may well be.

     On the way home we detoured to Grandview Valley Winery, tasting and lunch of Pizzas.  It was a good visit.

     This week I re-varnished the bar at the winery, it hadn’t been touched for over seven years.  I think it did really well for seven years of traffic.  It really shines now. On the new bar I am now working to get the side panels manufactured.  This will take some time.  I am also currently varnishing a new bottle rack for in the store. This one will hold almost eighteen cases.

Lastly, this cooler snowy weather is just fine for the grapes. See you this weekend and thank you for your time.








Millner Wine <3's Food

This past week I made Lamb Pitas with Pistachio & Mint Pesto and paired it with Dága! I highly recommend picking up a bottle of Drága every time you make lamb. This barrel aged Marquette has an excellent body as well acidity to take your lamb dish to the next level. Truthfully, though this was an excellent meal, the uniqueness of last week's meal pairing of Róna with Chipotle Lime Salmon is definitely worth checking out! 

Explore other recipes to pair with Drága on our Pinterest Drága board!

Next Week:

I will be pairing our Frontenac Gris,
named Salier between these two:

Coconut Shrimp Curry

Cast your vote on what you'd like to see via reply to this email!

Feel free to also send in requests or recommendations of different dishes you'd like me to try our wines with!

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