Handmade African Jewelry & Crafts This Weekend!

Hello beautiful wine loving people,

I feel compelled to give you an update regarding the status of the missing curly mustache from Jon's face. It does appear that signs of life are indeed starting to surface from under his nose. As stated before, I will keep you posted with the latest mustache updates.  

On another note, St Patrick's day is next week and I want to assure you that drinking green wine is just as fun as drinking green beer, if not MORE fun if it's Millner wine! Share your green glasses of Millner wine with us on social media tagged with #TheFunWinery to receive a free glass of wine, (some would call that self-made luck). 

My plan is to just drink a lot of green wine in hopes it will make me lucky enough to win this car that my father entered me to win at Menards on Tuesday.

Up Coming Event

I know spring feels like it's here and you are starting to get the spring cleaning itch... So I'm going to be real with you, according to the calendar it's technically still winter until March 19th. We also need to acknowledge that it's Minnesota and another foot of snow could be just around the corner. With that being said I've just given you an excuse to put off spring cleaning for another weekend so that you can feel the freedom to come out to the winery this weekend for Destiny E.W.O's craft show!

Destiny E.W.O will be at the winery showcasing their jewelry on March 12th & 13th.

Necklaces, bracelets, earnings and more! All handmade in Uganda, Africa!

100% of the sales from these crafts will go to the continued work of Destiny E.W.O. empowering
elderly, widows and orphans through education, health care and sustainable living skills.

About Destiny E.W.O:

Destiny EWO – work in the U.S. : 
We assist families in crisis with aid in locating resources, assisting with paperwork, or providing groceries. We help homeless shelters, widows, elderly, and women's shelters with financial contributions and clothing donations. We also volunteer our time with packing meals and serving at events. 

Destiny EWO – work in Uganda: 
Destiny assists individuals in obtaining garden seeds for family and business use, craft supplies for products to take to market, or provides chickens or goats to provide food and income for families, which also become returned future resources for Destiny.

Check out their Facebook for more info! 

The Glass is Half Full!

Good Morning:

          I have some good news to share with you.  Last fall before freeze-up I removed my goldfish from the patio pond and caged them sinking the cage into the big pond by the driveway.  With all this warm weather, on Tuesday I pulled the cage to the surface and goldfish flippering.  I didn’t know how they’d do stuck at the bottom all winter in solitary confinement. I started with two dozen, remaining a minimum of one dozen, maybe all of them.  You’ve heard on fish only having a 3 second memory, look at this “Three-second memory myth: Fish show they can remember things for up to five months, click here.


            Being grandpa or Papowith Iza, I got a good laugh this week.  Iza will be nine yrs. old in May, but she is already working on becoming a teenager; must be a sign of the times.  The last few times she has stayed at our house, she refuses to eat meals at our house if she is going home shortly, the meals are terrible.  The food is fine, just wanting to assert her independence. 

     This week Jon was filtering wine being an hour late, Mary and Anna had a ladies night out to go to and Iza stayed with me at our house till Jon got done. Upon her arrival she announced that she wasn’t eating here, she and Jon would eat late, probably pizza.  What an opportunity, before Mary left and in front of Iza, I asked Mary if it was OK if I made a few T-bone steaks. I also commented to Iza that T-bone steaks are really good.  After Mary left Iza and I played two handed whist waiting for Jon to arrive.  After about 45 minutes Jon called and said that he was 10 minutes out. Then Iza announced that she could stay to eat with me.  Of course, this was my opportunity; your dad I think has already picked up the pizza.  Oh you have to go home. Iza accepted it and I then told her that next time we should plan  to barbeque steaks. (She has always like steak.)  In the end after Iza went home, I just had a summer sausage sandwich for my meal.  The fun part for me is giving her a teaching moment and she didn’t even know it.

Millner Wine <3's Food

Last week it was voted for me to pair the Chipotle Lime Salmon with Róna. I was a little nervous to take a leap of faith and rely on the instinct of my palate who was telling me "Róna will be a good pairing with the Chipotle Lime Salmon even though it is a fish dish". Since my palate is a woman, and women are always right, this pairing turned out to be absolutely phenomenal! 

The acidity in Róna and its tart raspberry like notes balanced beautifully with the savory salmon, zesty lime and the chipotle zing.

Check out the recipe:  Chipotle Lime Salmon

Check out the recipe: Chipotle Lime Salmon

Next Week:

I will be pairing Drága between these two:

One-Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils

Cast your vote on what you'd like to see via reply to this email!

See our Pinterest page here.

Tastings Near You!

3/11 3:30pm - 6:30pm :
Casey's Liquor, Ham Lake

3/12 3pm - 6pm :
France 44, Minneapolis

3/26 3pm - 6pm :
The Wine Market, Mendota



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